What are the different types of serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments are becoming an increasingly popular choice of accommodation for business and leisure purposes as well as both short and more long term tenancies. Broadly speaking, serviced apartments are a fully-furnished type of accommodation that offers the luxury aspects of a hotel (most provide a weekly cleaning service) but also the independence and home from home facilities such as a kitchen, living area and separate bedrooms.

Hotel-style serviced apartments

Hotel-style serviced apartments offer the best of both worlds when it comes to hotels and serviced apartments. This type of serviced accommodation tends to offer the sort of facilities that you would expect at a hotel such as breakfast, gyms, room service, 24 hour receptions etc. Thanks to modern technology, they may even have self check-in and order entry kiosks like those you can see if you go here. This could make it easier for you to access any amenities or call for help when needed. Hotel-style serviced apartments tend to vary in facilities depending on the country you are in and the budget that you have. As a general rule it makes sense to assume that the more facilities and amenities within the building, the more expensive it will be.

Retirement homes

A popular choice amongst those who need a bit of support and extra security but still want their independence, the idea of serviced apartments has transitioned into the retirement sector. For individuals who do not require 24 hour care, serviced apartments can be an ideal choice of accommodation. Extra services such as health visits, physiotherapy, meal preparation or even help with dressing can be added to the agreement, significantly helping to reduce stress to the elderly residents and their families. People who need additional support, memory care community for seniors are a good option to explore in this domain.

Apartment buildings

Some serviced apartments appear in full tower blocks dedicated to serviced accommodation. These usually have an onsite concierge service with either self check ins or meet and greet services depending on resident preferences. These types of serviced apartments tend to portray more of an exclusive feel similar to that of a hotel rather than in a residential area.

Private serviced apartments

These types of serviced apartments are usually owned by a serviced apartment company or private landlord. With these serviced apartments there is unlikely to be onsite staff and you will have to check yourself in, they can be standalone properties or within an apartment block surrounded by a mix of other serviced apartments or residential properties. Private serviced apartments are generally the most independent option for those who do not require much communication or support during their stay. There will normally be a visitor manual or guide with contact details and an out of hours number for any emergencies.

There are a number of different types of serviced apartments which can be used for a wide range of visitors with different tenancy purposes. Depending on the type of trip you are taking can impact the type of serviced apartment that you will need. It is important to conduct your own further research into the different types of accommodation that will suit your needs.

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