Fun Things to do in Bristol

With your short-term accommodation sorted out in Clifton, your upcoming trip to Bristol likely has you well organised with regards to exactly what it is you have planned. Every self-respecting traveller will tell you to leave room for disappointment though, or at the very least to be open to a more dynamic reality with regards to the plans you make.

Recent times will go down in history as some of the craziest ever, but it doesn’t take something like a global pandemic to make any traveller wise to the need to have more of an open mind with regards to even the slightest details of their travel plans.

So if you do indeed find yourself in Clifton, it helps to know about some other plans you can make to make sure you come away having had lots of fun, even if you end up getting lost in some activities you may not have initially planned for. Here are some suggestions:

Bask in the luxury of Clifton

With the suggestion that you’d be staying in Bristol’s swankiest area, make the most of the short-term accommodation you’ve reserved a night or two in. In fact, stay one full day and enjoy the premises without venturing out anywhere. Order in if you have to.

This will leave you with the quintessential Clifton experience as taken for granted by long-term and permanent residents, who always come to gain a new appreciation for the luxe life whenever they come back to it, having perhaps gone away somewhere. Just chill and enjoy what it means to live in luxury for a bit!

Hit the theatre scene

A huge part of the cultural scene in Bristol resides in their theatre, which has a distinctively Bristol feel to it. Okay, so you might have factored-in the theatrical iteration of Bristol culture into your trip, or it might even make for the entire reason why you decided to visit for a bit, but it’s worth mentioning because of how distinctive it is. They love their culture in Bristol and it shows, from the internationally recognised tours of shows to be caught at Bristol Old Vic and Hippodrome, to the fresh-faced likes of Tobacco Factory and Redgrave… We’re talking relatively here, of course.

Indie retailers

Indie is the name of the game in Bristol, with the spirit of independence contained in pretty much everything that can be uniquely tailored having its own, distinctive flavour synonymous with Bristol. When you think of the indie scene in Bristol, it goes way beyond the arts and culture. Head to Stokes Croft and Gloucester Road and find out for yourself if it does indeed house the largest strip of indie retailers in the whole of Europe. All of these are fantastic things to enjoy from your short-term serviced apartment.

There is plenty more to see and do in Bristol, with only a tiny bit of the surface scratched with what has been suggested here. A short-term serviced apartment gives you a good base to do a few activities from. The idea is for you to focus on one or two things you want to get lost in because en route to the venues at which you’d be doing so, you will find out for yourself that there’s just so much to see and do.

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