Eco-Friendly Shopping Alternatives You’ll Absolutely Love

Today, we want to combine two topics that everyone is big on nowadays; shopping and eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items that go to waste.

The two might be completely different topics, but they actually overlap quite a bit.

Did you know that plastic bags are some of the biggest culprits in filling landfills? Well, they’re also the most common way people around the world bag the items they purchase while shopping.

From standard grocery shopping trips to those shopping sprees around town, a ton of plastic bags are used and disregarded. Then, you have to consider fast-food waste from when you eat during those outings, and even the waste you generate with all the new hygiene items that have become popular around the globe in recent years.

Today, we’re going to give you three alternatives that will help with all of those problems.

Custom Tote Bags

First and foremost, we want to talk about the biggest polluter: Plastic bags. You can do this pretty easily, and you can even add a bit of style to your shopping trip with custom tote bags.

Custom tote bags made from canvas are perfect for your shopping needs. They’re stronger than plastic bags, more durable, and of course, reusable.

This means that, by bringing along enough custom totes, you can store all your groceries or store purchases until you get home, tuck them away, and have them for next time; rather than just adding plastic to landfills.

This can make a big difference in the overall level of global pollution, and it’s a fashion-focused way to do it. Custom tote bags can have your own custom designs put on them to let you show a bit of personality.

Reusable Straws and Utensils

Whenever you go to a fast-food restaurant, most of your food comes in packaging that ends up polluting the environment. It might not seem like a problem you can address on your own, either. After all, what are you going to do? Bring along silverware and plates every time you’re out.

Well, you don’t need to go that far. Metal straws and all-in-one camp tools have been produced for decades, and they can fit in your pocket, purse, or even the console of your vehicle. When you go out, opt to provide your own straws and utensils. You might still have to waste the wrappers from your various meal items, but you’re at least cutting back on part of it.

Proper Disposal of PPE

Finally, and this is a big one in current times, we want to talk about PPE. This isn’t as much of an alternative as it is simply doing the right thing.

Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer wipes and bottles are ending up in parking lots, train platforms, streets, and everywhere else because people have started using these disposable items in mass to prevent the transfer of Covid-19, but a lot of us are being irresponsible with how we throw those items away.

Even two years after the start of Covid, and with dramatic cooldowns in outbreaks, this is still an issue.

So, one of the biggest things you can do to help cut back on pollution right now is to simply dispose of your PPE properly. Find a bin, throw it away, and keep it out of the environment.

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