Perfect Weekend Away

Perfect weekends away

Generally speaking, everybody loves a good trip away somewhere. There are just so many elements of travelling to enjoy, even if you might even just be going away on a business deployment. However, if you’re expressly going away for a weekend, there are some pointers to take into account to make sure it’s a perfect weekend away. After all, you have limited time.

You have to try and make the most of each second!

If you’re seeking some fun in the sun

Look, exactly where you choose to go will ultimately depend on a number of factors, two of which major ones are your budget, as well as where you’re based. Otherwise if you’ve been freezing your behind off during the winter, and even just one full day of fun in the sun will effectively replenish your life forces, it’ll have to be somewhere you can get to in well under a day. It is after all a weekend getaway.

Some popular options which come to my mind include the Maldives, Seychelles and even Mauritius. My friend once visited the Enchanted island resort and he had a fantastic time relaxing in the sun! Southeast Asia also remains a very popular destination for some fun in the sun, with so many flights heading to that part of the world that you can definitely make a weekend escape out of it.

Winter breakers’ dreams

It’s not a very cheap place to visit, but Iceland’s Reykjavik is the perfect destination for winter breakers. It’s becoming increasingly popular among backpackers from all over the world too and it seems to be a destination expressly built to be explored over a short period of time. Cue the perfect winter, weekend breakaway!

As a photographer, this is the type of destination in which I just cannot put down my camera. There are just so many interesting landscapes to capture and you can easily see them all when you hire a campervan from a site such as for the week. And don’t even get me started talking about the Northern Lights – that’s just one of those must-see attractions…

How about renting a cabin in the woods, for a quintessential winter weekend escape? Relax with your partner in some of the most inspiring scenery you’ll ever get to see! Spending a winter weekend retreat together in the woods could be a wonderful experience. You can cuddle with your partner, watch porn (on portals like Tube v Sex), and have sex in your cabin. You can also explore nature and take a walk in the snow for a romantic and memorable experience.

Looking to have a massive party?

It’s perfectly understandable to earmark an upcoming weekend for a getaway that will have you enjoying a huge party. In that case then you have to effect some strategic planning. The last thing you want is to use up yet another one of you sick days to nurse a terrible hangover on Monday, so maybe limit the heavy partying to Friday night and over Saturday. Maybe you should set up a fun game night with your friends so you can have a lot of enjoyment playing a variety of games, this could be online with a couple of casino-based games, take a look at blackout bingo reviews to see which might be best for the night, or you could play some classic board games and take a drink for a roll of 6 or when someone moves up the board, etc. There is a lot of fun to be had without going too hard.

Sunday would be your recovery day, even if it means getting that much-needed sleep on the plane back from wherever it is you would have flown out to, to enjoy your weekend party escape.

A personal recommendation is the Czech Republic’s capital, Prague. Not only is this an increasingly popular night life spot, Prague offers a nice fusion of the European old and new worlds. So in between the wild times in the clubs, bars, etc, you can enjoy some unique sights of interesting and iconic architecture and other infrastructure.

Prague makes provision for the notorious changing mind of a traveller, so if you’re not quite up for the mega party anymore, you’ll still have lots of fun and come away very satisfied with your weekend getaway.

Exploring your own hometown

I suppose this is easy to say, for someone living in a city such as New York, London, etc, that being that you should set some time aside to explore your own home town. Either way, the perfect weekend away doesn’t have to mean jumping on a plane.

Explore those local attractions which are literally a stone’s throw away. You might uncover some hidden gems which you’ve effectively been ‘sleeping on,’ all your life. Also, you’ll have plenty of time to actually enjoy the weekend “getaway,” because you’re not going away too far. No worries about missing a flight back home and making it back in time to recuperate so that you can be fresh and rested for the new workweek.

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