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    I may be the main writing contributor of this blog, as well as the chief editor, but not all the content published here comes exclusively from my own mind. As it should be. This is not just a one-way platform, where I share my own experiences and information I’ve come into. No.

    This is our platform! So I welcome all contributions. Get in touch with me if you want to connect in any way, whether you have a comment or if you might want to contribute some ideas, content, etc.

    Comments & Feedback

    Your engagement beyond just reading what we publish is what makes this, or any blog for that matter. We’re more of a community than anything else. So, while we appreciate the visits (which we can tally up using tools such as Google Analytics), we encourage you to get involved. Comment on specific posts in the “comments” section or send general feedback via the contact form, email, etc…

    Special requests and queries

    Those of us who exercise the liberty to blog have a duty to ensure we provide the highest quality in content. Fortunately there is only one, definitive way of gauging that quality and that is through the manner in which you, the reader, engage with the content. Want to talk about something beyond the usual comments and feedback?

    Don’t hold back. Get in touch and I’ll do my best to entertain all special requests and queries. If you never ask, the answer will always be “no!”

    Becoming part of the editorial process – guest posts and sponsored posts

    Guest posts

    Since this is a platform which explores the lifestyle niche, naturally there’ll be all manner of different contributors who would see value in having a guest post featured. The numbers are quite staggering, which is why I have a specific system around the criteria for guest post contributions.

    Please don’t send completed guest posts. We have to be very selective about the content we publish here. The basic requirements are that it must be of the highest quality, but perhaps even more importantly, it has to be some content which falls squarely in line with the current theme being explored on the blog.

    So please make contact first about your idea for a guest post. You need to have your own blog, or some kind of author’s bio, somewhere on the web, which we can link back to from your guest post. This is, after all, the purpose of guest posts – building up some kind of authority as a contributor worthy of being ‘featured.’

    Sponsored posts

    As you’ll probably know, the value of a sponsored post has us both benefitting – you, as the sponsor, and us as the platform you’d be sponsoring. You get exposure for your brand, cause, etc, while we get a little bit of money that contributes toward ensuring we keep producing great content for our readers.

    The same applies with sponsored posts, with regards to the editorial process.

    As much as we appreciate the contributions of sponsors, the content still has to fall squarely in line with the current narrative of the blog, the tone, writing style, etc. So please get in touch first before submitting any completed content. In any case, we prefer to do the writing of the content internally, when it comes to sponsored posts. That way we just make sure it’s as natural as it can be.

    Get in touch to find out about pricing and other sponsored content policies.

    Advertising, advertorials and features

    Every so often we’ll have some special content that’s presented differently to the regular posts. Advertorials and other features such as quizzes, etc, make for a great way to complement the regular posts. If you want to be featured in this way, or if you have a custom advertising request, don’t hesitate to write in.

    Just saying “hello”

    Finally, this is perhaps the communication which induces the greatest joy. A simple two-lettered email, with the body reading “Hi,” has brightened up my entire day on more occasions than I can recall. So get in touch, even if purely just to say “hello!”

    You can contact me in any which way that suits you best, i.e. email, the contact form, social media, etc.

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