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I’m Elena. A global citizen. A new-age pursuer of the best that life as we know it, has to offer…

Welcome to my world, which is of course a world I share with each and every one of you!

I’m fortunate enough to hold dual-citizenship, which basically means I can travel to pretty much any country in the world, visa-free. How did I get a second passport? Well, my parents are of different nationalities. So that’s just one of the many unique blessings I’ve made sure to capitalise on and truly try to make the most of.

I mentioned the dual-citizenship thing as a kind of very strong hint around how my entire lifestyle is shaped. I love to travel, and if I could, I’d be doing it full-time! I’m working on that though – every single day…

Paying the bills

As much as I’m a firm believer in the new-age philosophy that we’re not meant to just work our whole lives, pay bills, and die, the reality is that as things stand, many of us dedicate the bulk of our lives to our work. It’s actually not such a “new-age” adage, as can be attested to by some books which were written a considerable amount of time ago.

Personally, I work in media – I’m a Graphic Design & Multimedia Consultant, to be more specific.

I know it sounds like a cliché, but I truly enjoy my job! One of the many reasons why I enjoy it so much is that no two days are the same – this in terms of the actual work to be done. It allows me to be creative, which is why I don’t really have ambitions of climbing the corporate ladder any higher than where I currently am. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

I’ve been offered a promotion to the position of Creative Team Manager, turning it down, to the horror of my immediate superiors. They’ve since engaged me and I guess they understand now how all I really want is to strike a good lifestyle balance.

Where career meets passion

So there’s another, more specific reason why I love my job so much. Photography! Sometimes my duties entail procuring original, high-quality photographs to be used as part of many of the projects we work on for our clients. This is when I’m happiest in my job. I mean, I’m called upon to do something for money, which I already do purely for fun.

Funny story – my boss once saw me messing around with the camera, on her way home, long after office hours. She thought I was putting in some overtime, as we’d been working on one of our latest projects for a client! Of course I’d eventually go on to confess to her that it’s merely a hobby of mine, which kind of put into perspective the reason why I turned down the promotion.

Why this blog

Everybody and their grandma has a blog these days, don’t they? But no, FOMO is not why I decided to enter the blogosphere!

As a little girl, I once visited my grandparents’ house and found an analogue camera in the attic, in a box, fully equipped with the entire development kit! I set things up right there and couldn’t wait to physically develop my first snaps, which came out great. I was hooked!

I still have that analogue camera and I still love the process of developing negatives into printed photographs. This is somewhat of a metaphor for how I approach life, as well as how this blog came to be.

I’m in love with the intricate, small details and processes involved with developing the bigger picture that is life! That’s basically the main reason for the existence of this blog…

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but then that would suggest that you can only speak a thousand words at a time, as per each next picture, doesn’t it? This blog is an extension of my unique view of the world and basically just makes for the literary equivalent of some of the fun work I do with my camera.

This is where I will be exploring and sharing everything and anything that has to do with the pursuit of this beautiful life we’re given. So basically, anything and everything to better our lives with goes!

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