Staying active on your caravan holiday in Devon

When taking a much needed holiday in Devon, you may be planning a time away full of complete relaxation. Although this is key in order to come back from your holiday feeling refreshed and revitalised, we all know how important it is to stay active and keep healthy. Staying active on holiday doesn’t have to be hard and include intense workout regimes, in fact a lot of active activities can also be relaxing or fun and help you to feel more energised when you go back home.

In Devon, you are in the perfect location for a wide number of options to help keep you active on holiday, let’s not forget the beaches which can be great places for fun activities.

Walking in Devon

Throughout Devon there are a number of great trails and routes to explore on your holiday, such as the South West Coast Path, which runs through a number of holiday parks and can head in all directions such as Croyde, Braunton, Barnstaple and Ilfracombe. Walking is often an overlooked physical activity but can be really beneficial for your cardiovascular system. Most people will even burn between 100-300 calories on a 30 minute walk without even breaking a sweat.

Running in Devon

If you are up for the challenge, virtually any of the walking routes that you can find in Devon are suitable for running. With the coast and countryside you won’t be short of views to keep you motivated throughout your runs. If you really want a challenge, running along the golden coast line is sure to get your heart rate up.


Being on holiday in Devon means that you are going to have endless choices of bike trails whilst away. Most holiday parks in Devon will have bikes that you can rent so you don’t even have to worry about packing your own. If you have smaller children, or want a unique trip, there are companies where you can hire tandem bikes or bikes with attachable trailers, simply hook them up, pack a picnic and ride off. 

Watersports in Devon

If you fancy some more adventurous and adrenaline fuelled active fun then being near the coastline means you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in some seriously fun watersports. Whether you just enjoy paddling in the water or want to get involved in something more playful there are plenty of choices depending on your age and ability. Devon is home to a number of watersport schools with training facilities meaning you can have lessons or tuition in surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking and many more.

Staying active whilst on holiday in Devon might not initially be one of your top priorities. Taking a look at this list may help you to realise that being active can take many forms and some of the activities suggested may even help to increase the amount of fun that you have whilst you are away. Staying active has been shown to have benefits on both physical and mental well being so should be an important part of your holiday itinerary.

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