The best places to take your inflatable kayak

Kayaking is a brilliant way to explore this country’s wonderful aquatic spaces and their beautiful surroundings. From the comfort of your trusty and versatile inflatable kayak, you can go on your own adventures to the many incredible lakes, rivers, oceans and fjords that are out there. You don’t have to go far either, there are some great places to visit by kayak in the UK!

Places to paddle board in England

Port Isaac Bay

At low tide, the secluded Port Isaac Bay can be explored by kayak. It is a wonderful stretch of coastline to paddle along, and suitable for all when the conditions are good and the weather is nice. Definitely a great place to go if you are comfortable kayaking on the open water.

Studland Bay

England’s Jurassic Coast is famous for its fossils and beautiful beaches, but can be truly best experienced from the water. Kayaking along the iconic Old Harry Rocks and moving towards the popular Studland Bay, as well as the intimate marshy landscape of the Arne Nature Reserve that is exploding with wildlife; this area of the world offers all sorts of kayaking experiences for people of all abilities.

River Thames

Slightly less serene than Port Isaac Bay or the Jurassic coast, the most famous river in the UK is nonetheless a brilliant place to kayak. Between Oxford and Windsor you can experience some of England’s most historic riverside locations all the while kayaking in safe and easy conditions. Along your trip, you can find plenty of locations to stop off for a drink or food at a traditional pub.

Places to paddle board in Wales

River Teifi

Wales has a collection of brilliant places to kayak, but the River Teifi is truly the jewel in the crown. It bustles with kayakers during the annual Teifi tour, but it is a stunning location to explore all year round. You can gently float down the river and serenely watch the wildlife in the ancient Welsh woodland, enjoying the sights of majestic birds and river otters alike. Once you have adventured through the woodland section of the Teifi Gorge, you then emerge from the river out onto the famous Cardigan Bay.

River Wye

The River Wye is an extensive place to explore by kayak, and you could spend a whole week moving up the famous Welsh river in stages; but it is equally great to visit for day trips. There are distinct gentle sections of the Wye valley that are suitable for beginners, as well as some thundering rapids that will excite the most experienced kayaker. It truly has something for everyone.

Places to paddle board in Scotland

Great Glen Canoe Trail

Arguably the Mecca of kayaking in the UK, you can take a waterbound pilgrimage across the width of Scotland on the Great Glen Canoe Trail which follows the Caledonian Canal. The canal is 60 miles long, and some highlights along it include the mysterious Loch Ness and stunning stretches of landscape that make you feel like you are in a Lord of the Rings film. This is best explored systematically, paddling the whole length of the canal in a special kayaking holiday. Because of this, the route is well populated by campsites and riverside inn’s for you to enjoy.

Loch Lomond

At the heart of the Trossachs National Park lies the UK’s biggest lake, Loch Lomond. The loch contains some incredible kayaking routes and provides you with limitless adventures you can choose to take. Whilst it is a popular location, due to its mammoth size, there is no risk of feeling crowded out on the water. It is an especially impressive place to kayak at sunset, when its vast stretches of water are lit up by a smouldering sun.

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