Innovations to add to your dinghy sailing gear

If you are an experienced dinghy sailor, you may already have a substantial amount of dinghy sailing gear. This could range from wetsuits, underlayers, boats, tops, and jackets. These are very important of course, to keep you comfortable and safe when sailing.

However, there are items out there that will benefit you if you are experienced or a beginner. You might have some spare cash, or feel some of these items will make activities easier when out on the water.

Now let’s look at extras and innovations that can add to your sailing experience…

Bottle Holder

This first extra may not sound overly exciting, however, you will be glad you have it when out on the water. A bottle holder will ensure your water bottle is secure to your boat, not risking the chance of falling in. These bottle holders can be attached to any part of a boat, ensuring the sailor can have a drink comfortably, at any time.

Building on this, holders can be made from neoprene, allowing the bottle to easily be removed with one hand. This dinghy sailing accessory will become a useful addition to your dinghy sailing gear.

Dry Bag

If you enjoy dinghy sailing solo, you may need somewhere to store spare clothes, hot and cold food, and drinks. A dry bag allows you to take all these items out on the water with you, allowing you more time during a sailing session to refresh.

Perhaps you are sailing to a different location? The ability to bring a dry set of clothes with you means when you reach the shore, you can change without having to meet somebody at the next location. Dry bags can also be attached via a shoulder strap or clip.


A good amount of dinghy sailing experts enjoy sailing all year round, therefore need to be ready for all possible weather conditions. For example, if a sailor enjoys sailing in mid-December, they will need warmer dinghy sailing gear. Adding a robe to your collection will mean when you come out of the water, you can quickly warm up by placing your robe over your wetsuit. Dry robes often come with a fleece lining, meaning they will effectively warm you up in windy or wet conditions. Will easily beat a normal jacket!

Combi Glove

The final accessory on our list is the combi glove. Encouraging increased warmth, blood flow, and grip to your dinghy sailing gear collection, this accessory will help you feel warmer for longer whilst sailing. Allowing you to fully focus on your new

Wearing extra protection gloves allows your hands to stay warm in strong winds, which is often an issue when out sailing for longer periods of time.

We hope these items are worthwhile additions to your dinghy sailing gear! Don’t forget to take photos to add to your collection, so you can see it grow with time.

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