When you should use different custom accessories for stylish paper bags

Creating a paper bag that is both stylish and functional can depend a lot on the type of custom accessories that you use with the bag. When we use the term ‘custom accessory’ we are referring to some of the added extras that many paper bag manufacturing companies will offer you when creating the bag. They can include ribbon, relief designs, different handle material options and colourful tissue paper.

Making use of some paper bag accessories is a great way to help your bag stand out and deliver more value to your end customers. In today’s article, we look at the different accessories and why you should use them for your business.


  1. Stylish ribbon can be used on the handle and design of the bag

One of the most popular custom accessories for paper bags is ribbon. Ribbon can be tailored to different needs depending on the client and the wide variety of options when it comes to colour, and style can really add an interesting dimension to your bag. Ribbon can be incorporated into the design on the bags main body and also used in the handle. Just make sure you are using a strong material to ensure the bag does not break.

  1. Consider colorful tissues for product wraping

When looking for customization options for your business products, you can also look for tissue papers that could be available in various colors, shades, and materials. You can also get an option to get them printed with your business name and other details as well as choose graphic designs to use a branding method. Additionally, you could also explore tissue paper for packaging that is made of fully recyclable and biodegradable material, especially if you run an environmentally friendly business. These custom tissue can be used to provide protective wrapping to fragile products like ceramics, art and craft items, jewelry, accessories, and other items.


  1. Adding custom accessories gives your bag more potential uses

Adding custom accessories to your bags like ribbon and card can be a great way to diversify the potential offering to customers when it comes to arts and crafts. Many people attempt to find new ways to use paper bags after they have reached the end of their reusable life by creating new things with them. If you add some custom accessories to your bag this could add an extra item to the bag that your customers would love to make use of.


  1. Carefully chosen custom accessories can improve the bag aesthetically

Another great benefit of adding custom accessories is the improvement they give for the overall bag aesthetic. You see it all the time with high-end department stores and other luxury shops. Ribbon and labels are added to improve the design of the bag and make it stand out when pitted against the bags from other stores. Taking advantage of this in your bags could be a great way to distribute a product that your customers will want to reuse in the future.


  1. Invest in high-quality custom accessories for your bags

As shown using custom accessories on bags and other products can be a great way to add to their perceived value by customers and change-up tired old designs to keep your branding fresh. Whilst custom accessories can work wonders, you need to invest in the right ones for your business. Pick a custom accessory that is perceived as too ‘up-market’ or luxurious, and you run the risk of alienating potential customers.

Try to keep the accessories tasteful and in keeping with your business’ market positioning to create the best product for your customers.

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