Should You Stock Up on Paper Bags at Home? How Paper Bags Can Help You and the Environment

You probably do as much as you can to keep your home as well-stocked as possible. After all, it’s often cheaper and requires less trips to the store, and in emergencies, having your necessities stocked up can be a life saver.

However, you probably haven’t thought of buying a stockpile of paper bags for your home, though. It’s unlikely you’ll be stocked up with custom tissue paper either. 

Well, we think you should, and here are five reasons why.

1: Easy Storage

Paper bags are extremely easy to store. They just fold up and stack. You can easily slip dozens of them into a small cubby hole until you need them, and you won’t have to worry about making space by moving other things around.

Compare this to stashing all your used plastic bags, which usually become a jumbled mess full of holes, and it’s easy to see why switching to paper options is a lot easier to deal with.

2: More Resilient

If you already stock plastic bags leftover from the grocery store, you know how annoying it is to go to get one, and it has holes in it or the handle is ripped off because it got tangled up in other bags and caught on something.

Because paper bags are easier to organize, that’s not a problem. They’re also more resilient to punctures and having parts tear off. Of course, they can become damaged, but it’s not as likely to just magically happen as it is with plastic bags.

3: Environmentally Friendly

Do you know what happens to those plastic bags when you finally do throw them away? They end up sitting in the environment for hundreds of years once they break into microplastics. This is a serious problem for our planet that everyone should consider.

Don’t misunderstand us. It’s great if you’re taking the time to reuse all the plastic bags you get from the grocery store, but eventually, they end up doing the same thing when they’re thrown out.

Paper bags aren’t like that, though. They break down within a few weeks, and they can even be recycled more effectively than plastic. So, paper bags have far less of an impact on the environment than plastic does.

In fact, many paper bags are now made from an invasive seaweed species. So, using them can actually help clean up and protect our oceans.

4: Minimize Reliance on Provided Plastic Bags

If you stockpile paper bags, you can take some to the store with you and completely opt out of using the plastic bags most stores are providing for free. This is an even better way to minimize your environmental impact than just saving the plastic bags and reusing them.

Yes, you’re essentially buying your own grocery bags, but the benefits are great, and paper bags last a long time if you take care of them. Just don’t get them weight or over fill them, and you’ll be using the same paper bags for tons of grocery trips.

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