Do Eco-Mailing Bags Really Make a Difference?

In the modern world, everyone is trying to do at least something to cut back on how much we harm the environment throughout our daily lives, but many people focus on the big things. Things such petitioning companies to convert their entire manufacturing processes, major legislation changes that regulate waste and emissions more effectively, and other widespread changes that make a big difference almost immediately. 

However, those things always tend to take tons of time as politicians have to navigate red tape to do anything. 

The little things are just as important, and most of them can be done very quickly to a great effect. One of those things is switching to eco-friendly mailing bags. These are mailing bags that can replace the plastic ones used most commonly, today. 

Are they really capable of making a difference, though? Let’s find out. 

1: Less Trash Added to Landfills

You might not think about it, but mailing bags are a big part of plastic pollution. While you might only get one mailing bag every month or so, you’re not the only person getting them. In the US alone, 330 million people can receive up to 1.8-million parcels every day. A lot of those packages are shipped in mailing bags. On a global scale, that number is dramatically larger. 

Now, think about what you likely do with your mailing bags. You probably throw them in the trash, don’t you? Even if you don’t, and you try to recycle them, most plastic isn’t really recyclable. It gets processed and tossed into the landfill, anyways. 

That plastic can sit around in the landfill for up to 500 years as it’s broken into microplastics and eventually fully disintegrated. That’s assuming everyone disposes of it properly. Many don’t. 

By switching to eco-friendly, paper mailing bags, the bags might still end up in a landfill, but they’ll break down and become a part of nature again within less than a month. 

2: Fewer Emissions

Plastic production creates a lot of emissions and toxic fumes. It’s not exactly a clean substance. On the other hand, paper production, especially when it’s made from eco-friendly seaweed instead of trees, produces very little in the form of emissions. 

This can help repair our ozone layer over time, and even in the short-term, it can help to create cleaner quality air for people to breathe. That reduces illnesses, makes all of us more comfortable, and ultimately, is far better for the Earth and everything on it. 

The Impact Can Be Dramatic

As you can see, something as simple as switching to eco-friendly mailing bags can have a major impact on the health of the planet. Is it going to singlehandedly solve the problem? No. That requires some pretty dramatic changes in multiple facets of our industries and in our personal lives. 

However, if enough of these little things are consistently improved across the board, we don’t have to solely rely on politicians and organizations to make a noticeable impact. We can do it ourselves. 

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