The advantages of luxury serviced apartments

If you are planning a trip and don’t want to travel as far as you can to the place of interest, or if you want to book an apartment without hassle from the staff of the luxury serviced apartment, you can count on the following advantages:

No excess luggage

If you are arriving by air or in a car, you will have to carry only one bag at a time. If you arrive by ferry or boat you won’t be carrying luggage at all.

Less travelling

Your vacation can be closer to home. You don’t need to get out of the car or plane for several hours in order to reach a destination.

Great for families

In a serviced apartment, you can include children in your vacation, rather than take them with you when you travel. You can use some of the facilities for children and have a restful holiday with your family.

Serviced apartments have a big advantage over hotel apartments. With serviced apartments, you can book a room in advance and pay only the amount you intend to spend. If you need more space or your vacation is longer, you can book extra rooms for rent in San Francisco or any other city, for that matter. Some of the serviced apartments will even allow you to rent the entire apartment if you wish.

Preventing stress

Holidays can be stressful and sometimes involve a lot of activity. In a serviced apartment, you can rest more, have the best time, and relax. Because your apartment has a professional staff of cleaners, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the apartment and having some of the stress left.

In fact, if you are considering a more laid-back vacation, you can take a step further and rent out a palatial vacation rental, like the Bahamas villas available on websites like Exceptional Villas. Similar to luxury services apartments, but in this case, it is a standalone structure that can make your holiday extra special.

More transport in cities

If you are planning to spend a lot of time in the city, you will be happy to hear that serviced apartments offer bus stops for most of the big cities. This can be very useful if you are coming from another city and are planning to stay for a long time.

Other advantages of luxury serviced apartments

Your apartment will be your home, so you will have no worries about making your apartment look neat. You can keep it tidy and keep the apartment clean. You will never have to worry about losing anything and you will enjoy your vacation as much as you want.

A lot of customers like the fact that you can enjoy the amenities of luxury serviced apartments without making a mess, like serving meals, cleaning the apartment, caring for plants, running the heater, or having a movie night in your apartment.

  • These are only a few of the advantages of serviced apartments. Other advantages include:
  • A luxurious room with large windows to give a nice view of the place.
  • Guests can select from different rooms for themselves.
  • A full kitchen and dining room for the guests.
  • A fully equipped bar, with soft drinks and wine for your guests.
  • A lounge for relaxing.
  • A nice lounge area.
  • A kitchenette, with a refrigerator and kitchenware.
  • A big TV, DVD and satellite set with a surround sound system. You can add your own dolby atmos soundbar if it is your preferred choice.
  • The apartment is usually fully furnished.
  • A room with a large bathroom and spacious bedroom.
  • A shared kitchen and dining area.
  • A staff of friendly and knowledgeable service for your convenience
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