Environmentally friendly party bags for kids

Most parents will agree that planning your own child’s birthday party is probably much more stressful than it should be. Of course you want it to be perfect for your little ones but then there is also the added pressure of pleasing all the other children attending as tantrums are not fun at the best of times, let alone during a birthday party.

For kids, party bags are one of the most exciting parts about going to birthday parties. After all, a bag full of goodies and sweets is the cherry on the top after a day of full on fun, but when you take a step back you might notice that a lot of party bag fillers are made of plastic. To avoid giving party goers a bag full of plastic tat in a shiny plastic bag see our top eco friendly party bag ideas for kids.

Paper Bags

The first step to green-ifying a children’s party bag is by swapping the actual bag itself. Instead of using printed plastic bags, swap for paper bags. Not only are they compostable and recyclable, you could also have a decorating station where party goers can jazz up their own party bags. Think water based pens, biodegradable glitter.

Seed packets

Depending on your budget you could opt for custom printed seed packets with a little message and the date of the birthday party. Planting and watching the seeds grow could be an exciting activity for the children when they get home. Just look for seeds in paper bags so not to add to single use plastic waste.

Mini colouring book

Children love nothing more than a good old scribble or doodle in a colouring book. There are lots of options online for plastic free colouring books and you could include a small selection of water-based ink pens or even colouring pencils. The children will then have plenty of designs to keep them busy long after the party has finished.

Wooden bracelet making kit

For a bit of arts and crafts, including a wooden bracelet making kit could be a great idea. You can purchase the kits online or, if you’d rather save some money they can easily be homemade. All you need to do is purchase a selection of beads and add a length of string. You could pop them in little paper envelopes and add them to the party bags.

Plastic free stickers

Probably not something many of us have considered but stickers can create quite a lot of plastic waste. Luckily enough, nowadays there are plenty of eco-friendly sticker options available. The children can take them home for crafts or decorate their paper party bags with them. There’s even online shops where you can design your own stickers if you have the time and money.

By using these ideas you should be well on your way to creating an exciting and eco-friendly party bag for plenty of children to enjoy. It may also encourage other parents to consider environmentally friendly options in the future.

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