Why you should follow Amazon’s lead with recyclable paper mailing bags

Amazon is not a company that first springs to mind when it comes to environmentally sound practices, however, the company has recently introduced recyclable paper mailing bags and its fair to say they have gone down well with customers. The new mailing bags open easily and can be reused to send products once they have been delivered.

Below we outline the reasons why you should follow Amazon’s lead and implement paper mailing bags in your company to get your products to customers.


  1. It helps you mitigate the issues faced during the lockdown

Many businesses are struggling to adapt to the new normal as shops close and online shopping shoots up. Improving the way, you deliver products to customers could be a great way to differentiate yourself from customers. Paper mailing bags not only offer a professional look they also give you the chance to get creative with branding.


  1. Making the mailing bags recyclable will help you improve your company’s image

Putting your branding on a paper mailing bag is a no brainer. You avoid the association between your company and unrecyclable plastic and this creates positive links in the minds of customers. This is one of the ways many companies look to drive up increased business and return customers.


  1. Paper mailing bags are lightweight and protective for your products

Paper mailing bags are strong but that does not mean they are heavy. The lightweight product is very user friendly with easy opening and closing which means the experience customers find when opening their new purchase is likely to be a good one.


  1. Paper mailing bags help you save money on distribution costs

If you do look to sell goods online, the distribution costs are likely to increase. This has the potential to eat into your profit margin. If you choose to use paper mailing bags not only will they get your product to customers securely, their lightweight also means you will not be hit by astronomical shipping and packaging costs.


  1. Paper mailing bags provide a good marketing opportunity

Paper mailing bags are viewed favourably by the product, and they can provide a very good marketing opportunity. Not only can you include your logo and branding on the mailing bags, but you could also include promotional items such as flyers and free samples. These added touches have been shown to add to the overall buying experience of customers and this will have a good impact on your business.

Order paper mailing bags for a variety of product weights and dimensions

One of the best things about paper mailing bags is the different size and weight of product that they can be used for. Books, documents, jewellery and toiletries can all be distributed by paper mailing bags, just make sure you include other packing elements like padding and bubble wrap to make sure the product is secure. The product is, after all, the most important thing to the customer.

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