Should you invest in a paddle board for 2022?

2021 is coming nearer to the end, and whenever a new year is on the horizon it begs the question of resolutions and are we going to take up anything new. Whether this is setting goals or anything we want to tackle, hobbies are often thought about when it comes to doing something different or anything we want to try. You may want to try a new sport, outside of your normal scope such as a water sport. Paddle boards are a great option for those looking for something new, as the fastest growing water sport in the UK, paddle boards are becoming more and more popular amongst the population.

Although it can seem like a big investment to start with, like with any new sport it requires some practice and mastery before taking the plunge. Paddle boards can be seen as expensive, although outlets such as Aquaplanet offer a wide range of paddle boards, especially some for beginners looking into getting into the sport at a competitive price. This blog will look at the benefits paddle boards can offer and why it is worth the investment for next year, so keep on reading to find out more!

Benefits of paddle boards

Paddle boards offer not only great physical benefits but to your mental health as well. Often done in groups, whether you are amongst friends or on a tour, spending time with people out on the water can be a great form of socialising in a different setting out in the fresh air. Exploring different areas of the UK with lots of spots of natural beauty can be very relaxing and peaceful and out of your normal view but it can be good to try paddle boarding before you invest.

Paddle boards give you freedom that other hobbies often do not, especially in a water setting, but more and more nowadays there are different outlets where you can hire paddle boarding equipment and go on guided tours to try out for a period of time. It can be difficult at first to get your balance and the hang of using paddle boards, but after a while with enough practice you can be off and away on the water. However, you may not adapt to it as quickly or decide it is not for you, so it is best to find outlets out there who offer hiring equipment and make sure you are safe in the water.

Then when you are out on the water, paddle boards can take you anywhere you want to go (where it is safe). If getting out and seeing parts of the world unbeknownst to you is not enough, then why not try some different activities on your paddle boards, whether it is something as simple as racing amongst friends or different courses such as slalom depending on your skill level. With all the benefits paddle boards offer, it is easy to see why it is the fastest growing water sport in the UK, and definitely something to consider investing in for those looking to do something different as next year gets closer.  

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