Diet Soft Drinks Promotes Weight Loss (As by Depressing Appetite)

In a world perpetually seeking healthier lifestyle choices, one topic that has sparked considerable debate is the impact of diet soft drinks on weight management. For many, these artificially sweetened beverages offer a seemingly guilt-free alternative to their sugary counterparts. The promise of retaining that sweet, fizzy satisfaction without the calorie overload is undoubtedly enticing. […]

Fun Things to do in Bristol

With your short-term accommodation sorted out in Clifton, your upcoming trip to Bristol likely has you well organised with regards to exactly what it is you have planned. Every self-respecting traveller will tell you to leave room for disappointment though, or at the very least to be open to a more dynamic reality with regards […]

Serviced Apartments – The poster-child of hotels and guest homes

At the confluence of the penny-pinching backpacker’s couch-surfing ideologies and the lonely, high-end hotel guest is the good old serviced apartment variety of travel accommodation. For some reason serviced apartments seem to be overlooked by many a traveller, most likely because of the perception that they’re a little more expensive than the likes of guest […]

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