Why do athletes use air compression boots?

Leg compression boots are gaining traction as a standard tool for professional athletes and also as a tool for recovery for all kinds of athletes. Leg compression boots are leading this market on account of their performance, driven by the research behind their production. They continue to set amazing records in research and development continuing along the path to set the bar for this recovery tool in general. They are also driving the research in the realms of altitude training around recovery from time spent at high altitudes.

Leg compression boots have been proven to increase arterial blood flow along with improved oxygenation of tissue. This frees the body to regenerate increasingly quicker as weeks go by and as more time is spent by the athlete who wears the boots.

A decrease in muscle soreness: Elevated blood flow-rates mean more oxygen is produced. More oxygen flowing lessens the oxygen being used up in the tissue being worked. Since our bodies don’t require as much oxygen to repair and heal muscles as they are working, the Leg compression boots are pushing out at about 3/4 of the body’s maximum exertion, creating a rather large gradient to the bottom of the leg.

Increased tissue elasticity results in better performance: Leg Compression Boots work the muscles, while also informing the body that it is clean. When the Leg Compression concludes, the Leg compression boots also allow the body to work the muscle when needed.

Increased endurance: All athletes desire to be able to play longer and better, which means they need more strength and endurance. That’s exactly what Leg compression boots will allow you to achieve. As the biggest muscles in the body, legs require lots of oxygen. Leg compression boots increase oxygenation and blood flow to the legs. More blood flow to the muscles equates to more oxygen in the muscle cells, with less oxygen effectively wasted during exercise.

Prevention of ACL injuries: Naturally athletes do not want to get injured, as this can mean they’re out of action and not quite contributing to their career in the manner they’d want to keep doing. The preventative properties of leg compression boots help keep away the injuries due to greater mobility.

In athletes, intermittently administered pneumatic compression has been shown to significantly reduce the occurrence and intensity of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), in addition to improving flexibility and to improving recovery. It’s a treatment that is a regular part of recovery training at a sports medicine jacksonville facility and at similar recovery institutions elsewhere. Athletes who get diagnosed with chronic injuries at an early stage can promptly start their treatment using these boots and avoid chronic pain later in life.

By using recovery boots in your daily workout, you can expedite the recovery process that your body’s lymphatic and vascular systems carry out naturally over a longer period of time. Using these boots, along with other effective treatments like sclerotherapy spider vein treatment in Omaha, NE, help increase blood circulation and assist your body in the process of eliminating accumulated waste in your muscles. As a result, your muscles heal and recover more quickly, allowing you to get back to your workouts with improved efficiency.

Research shows compression and massage to improve oxygenation and reduce inflammation along with muscle micro-trauma (the small tears that training induces in your muscles). In this way, a set of recovery boots can assist in the recovery from training faster and therefore reduce your risk of injury caused by excessive training.

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