Serviced Apartments – The poster-child of hotels and guest homes

At the confluence of the penny-pinching backpacker’s couch-surfing ideologies and the lonely, high-end hotel guest is the good old serviced apartment variety of travel accommodation. For some reason serviced apartments seem to be overlooked by many a traveller, most likely because of the perception that they’re a little more expensive than the likes of guest homes, but not quite up to the standard of traditional hotels like chain hotels.

Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when one objectively takes into account the pound-for-pound value they’d get lodging in a serviced apartment.

More overall value for money

Imagine if you will, upon pausing for a bit and reflecting on an impressive journey so far, you realise that you have quite a bit of dirty laundry to do. If you were staying in a hotel that would definitely amount to added costs levied at a premium, while your friendly host in the guest house you might be lodging in as an alternative will likely not have laundry facilities available for the guests to use.

This is just one of the many considerations that paint serviced apartments in the good light they deserve, because often these types of facilities are factored into the existing costs per night. You’ll often find you can perhaps run downstairs or upstairs somewhere to do your laundry with might even be coin-operated facilities…

Simply put, you get more overall value for money staying in a serviced apartment, because you might have access to the likes of cooking facilities as an alternative to having to dine out or in the resident restaurant, etc. You’ll likely also be located near all the amenities locals make use of, so no crazy tourist prices to contend with.

The perfect balance between a home-stay and a hotel room

The general consensus around guest houses or B&Bs among travellers is that although the hosts can be really friendly, they’d really rather not have them in their faces all the time. The perfect answer to that is staying in a serviced apartment.

Spot-on Cleanliness
Reputable serviced apartment providers understand the significance of cleanliness and take proactive measures (think opting for commercial cleaning services in Kitchener, ON or elsewhere) to ensure their apartments are well-maintained. Regular cleaning schedules are implemented, encompassing all areas of the apartment, including living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas. Professional housekeeping staff are trained to follow strict cleaning protocols, pay attention to details, and ensure a hygienic and spotless environment. Furthermore, if they notice a crack in the wall, a stained carpet, or broken appliances, it is likely that they will have it fixed with the help of Carpet Cleaning, appliance repair, or other respective service providers to ensure a clean stay for their guests.

Additionally, serviced apartments often provide a range of household amenities, such as laundry facilities, dishwashers, and cooking utensils. These amenities are sanitized and often in excellent working condition, which further aids in maintaining the cleanliness of the space.

The perfect option for long and short term stays

While it is true that you will get quoted a cheaper price if you stayed longer, the value is still clear to see if serviced apartments are used for short-term accommodation. Some of the most seasoned of travellers first book over shorter periods to get a feel for the current destination and then enjoy the luxury of extending as the need arises.

Serviced apartment managers and owners usually work with or own a selection of properties, so they’re always at hand to make a plan for you should advance bookings suddenly render you “homeless.”

How to find the best deals to be had

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately depending on how you look at it, the best deals of this kind to be found are those which are obtained through direct contact with the properties. Many travellers miss out on some great accommodation deals by overlooking the direct websites of the likes of serviced apartments and rather opting to book via budget search platforms.

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