Luxury Serviced Apartments – What You’re Paying for

At first glance, the prices listed for the luxury serviced apartment you might be considering lodging in might appear to be expensive. This is especially true if you’re perhaps seeking to stay for a short time, like one or two days. You would be hoping to have a good quality mattress and this updated Sealy mattress comparison will provide useful insight in to quality.

However, take a closer look at all the amenities that come with that apartment and you’ll realise that you actually get a lot more value for your money. You just have to know what to look for in terms of where each penny you’re essentially spending goes because most people don’t make full use of all the perks that come with a serviced apartment, particularly one which is at the higher end of the luxury scale.

Prices associated with serviced apartments also tend to get a lot cheaper if you’re going to be staying for longer periods, but you’d have to make sure to enquire about those specific long-term arrangements, otherwise paying the daily walk-in rate will definitely work out to be too expensive. It’s not unlike having to spend the way you spend on an extended holiday, so there’s no sensibility in extending day-to-day.

What exactly is it that you specifically pay for in a luxury serviced apartment?


The quality of life afforded anybody who occupies space in a great location is automatically improved. Even if the luxury serviced apartment you’d be lodging in is located in a little bit of a dodgy area of town, once you close the door behind you and escape to the sanctuary of the inside, the outside world doesn’t affect the quality of your stay. You enjoy privacy, security and most likely the quietness of being separated from the outside world by sound-proof walls.

Usually, though luxury serviced apartments are situated in locations that are just as luxurious as the interior, like Clifton, Bristol!


Many people often can’t put their finger on even a single aspect that makes a luxury living spice exactly that – luxurious. It’s comfort. Comfort is what equates to luxury and when lodging in a luxury serviced apartment you may not be able to point at specific elements that make it luxurious, but you can always FEEL that luxury. Try going back to sleeping on your regular sheets after having felt the silky smooth Egyptian cotton sheets and you’ll get it!

Basic necessities

It’s rather underappreciated, the effort that luxury service apartment owners put in to make the guest’s stay a lovely one. They seek to deliver a quality experience by ensuring that the beddings are comfortable and warm, bathroom fixtures are sourced from the likes of a Bathroom Retailer Westside Bathrooms, furniture from IKEA, and more. Basic necessities are so well taken care of at luxury serviced apartment units that if you stay too long enough, you realise that you’ve actually been taking them for granted. Something as simple as being able to take a shower and not coming into contact with cold air is just one of many examples of this unassuming luxury.

Service quality

The quality of service is high in the sense that it doesn’t leave room for assumptions. It’s more of a personalised service, adapted to the type of tenant you are. You can have all the privacy you want, for instance, or you can go to what is often a common area made available for guests to congregate, should they seek an alternative to the solitude of each of their units.

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