Your guide on finding the best luxury serviced apartment

Being a bit of a traveller myself (we have been to New York, Florida, Turkey, and Indonesia) we had more than our fair share of hospitality apartments. Being a frequent traveller is a given, but finding luxury serviced apartments is another step that allows you to get the most out of your trip. From luxury amenities like room service, private room, and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi to 24-hour room service and your own driver on call, you can’t get too much better than that.

All of the most luxurious and spacious apartments in the world are serviced by a standard set by Urban Creation. As such, most of their apartments are full of additional amenities like free morning tea, unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi in the whole apartment including the bathroom with the best of cox internet plans, breakfast in bed with fresh fruit, and organic snacks. All these upgrades can add up to the difference of hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your accommodations. Plus, all of these services come at a huge discount from what you could end up paying if you were to stay in a hotel. That is what makes Urban Creation so easy to trust.

If you’re staying in Melbourne for an extended period of time, it’s a great idea to look for a luxury serviced apartment. Not only are they likely to employ some local restoration and repair services (like ones you may find at to make sure the apartment is prepped and ready for your stay, you can also find these in a location close to the sites you want to visit while you’re there. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, staying in a place that has all the amenities and services and suits your needs is definitely a good idea.

Finding a high-end luxury apartment in a place like Bristol is a bit like going on a safari. You are searching through the jungle looking for the hidden jewel among the rocks. Like a sharp spotting, you can find yourself among what appear to be barren trees but once you get close enough you can see the beauty in the deep jungle of Clifton, Bristol.

Not only is this company offering some of the best luxury apartments and serviced apartments in the world but they have an extensive list of luxury apartments that range from hotels to apartments. These luxury apartments all boast world-class amenities and luxury perks, as well as being in prime luxury locations. From properties in London and NYC to the islands of Bali, a little bit of everything is available on Hello Rent. Each of these apartments comes with high-speed Wi-Fi, high-quality bedrooms with luxury décor, exceptional living space, and all the amenities you could want.

Renting luxury serviced apartments may sound like an expensive venture but they come at a massive discount compared to what you could pay in luxury hotels. What is even better is that the serviced apartments come with a complimentary 24-hour on-call concierge. All of these luxurious amenities and benefits can offer you a total luxury travel experience that rivals that of a five-star hotel. What is even more incredible is that at a minimum, you can expect to pay between the equivalent of $90 and $120 per night, depending on the accommodations. This is what makes this company so appealing. The pricing is quite reasonable when compared to the cost of booking a hotel room and they also have more than adequate security for your entire stay.

Longer-term deals are available at what will inevitably work out to be a cheaper price, of course, which applies to pretty much any luxury serviced apartment you would be looking to rent, anywhere in the world.

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