Accommodation Preferences among Young Professionals

Based on how things commonly go, around our careers and the various important milestones of life, you’ll only ever be a young professional once in your life. There are so many nuances that come with, such as being able to point to some recently acquired freedom on a scale you’ve never experienced before.

If you have a car you have the freedom of the land, even though you likely have to be back at your home base in time to prepare for the work week ahead or merely the next workday. This is also one of the reasons why many are looking to home for their student accommodation.

There’s a seemingly emerging trend among young professionals though, visible in all major areas of their lives, which points to the ushering in of a brand new way of life. Every indication is of course that it was a gradual progression and not something that happened instantly or overnight. The semblance of that emerging trend is perhaps most visible in the accommodation preferences these young professionals seem to harbour in their numbers and it makes for some very interesting exploration.

Currently, there is a notable preference for flexible housing solutions among young individuals in the UK, including students and young professionals. They increasingly lean towards accommodation options offering flexibility, such as co-living spaces, serviced apartments, and arrangements with short-term leases. These options align well with the dynamic and often transient lifestyles of young adults, providing them the desired flexibility.

Technology integration remains a significant trend shaping accommodation preferences among the youth. Young people are actively seeking housing with integrated smart home features, high-speed internet, and online platforms for seamless bookings, payments, and communication with landlords or property managers. The presence of such tech-savvy amenities is a considerable attraction. Furthermore, sustainability and eco-friendliness are gaining traction in the choices of young accommodation seekers. They exhibit a preference for accommodation options that incorporate sustainability practices, energy efficiency, recycling facilities, and eco-friendly designs. This trend reflects the growing concern for environmental impact and sustainable living.

Community-oriented living is also on the rise. Accommodations that foster community and social interactions are highly sought after. Properties offering communal lounges, co-working spaces, fitness centers, and organized social events cater to the desire for a sense of community and networking opportunities, which are particularly important for young individuals. Regarding location preferences, proximity to urban hubs and excellent public transportation options plays a significant role. Accessibility and convenience are crucial factors for young people. They often seek accommodation close to urban centers, universities, or job hubs, as well as being well-connected to public transportation, enhancing mobility and ease of commuting to their educational institutions or workplaces.

Affordability is another essential consideration in the current scenario. Given the high living costs in certain UK cities, young individuals are keen on finding accommodation that fits within their budget. Cost-effective accommodation options are highly sought after, ensuring that housing costs do not strain their financial resources. Nowadays, there are online resources that young people can visit, and landlords can list student properties here. This makes it easier for young professionals or students to find suitable housing based on their means and requirements.

Lastly, there is a growing emphasis on wellness-oriented living. Health and wellness considerations have become a priority. Accommodations that emphasize features like green spaces, wellness facilities, bike storage, and proximity to parks or fitness centers are particularly appealing to health-conscious young individuals.

A life outsourced?

Modern-day young professionals seem to have had some pre-birth, umbilical-cord-connected meeting about the general view of this life being temporary. As a result, we see lots of young professionals choosing to rent cars instead of purchasing them outright – something they’d have had to do on credit in any case. If you are going to do this, read TheRidgewoodBlog for all your car info beforehand.

We also see young professionals choosing to live in somewhat of a temporary setup, where outright homeownership doesn’t seem to be a priority. It’s a case of partially living it up in luxury apartments or even four-to-five-star hotels for a bit, with their mobility accounted for in a rented, top-of-the-line German machine, which is of course complemented by slumming it out in a hostel or two start joint for a significant portion of the month, akin to student accommodation, all of which comes together to make up an evenly-distributed indulgence in the best and worst that this life has to offer.

Basically, young professionals are not saving the best for their retirement years, but going back to that preference as represented through their choice in accommodation, interestingly enough there seems to be a gravitation towards accommodation that feels like home. It doesn’t have to completely resemble home, but their interaction with that space they temporarily call home needs to come with all the freedoms they’d enjoy in their own domestic space.

You want to feel like your mother is trusting you to look after yourself and the house you find yourself in, if only for a bit.

On the other side of the fence resides the hotel industry and we’re referring specifically to the traditional hotel industry. It appears as if young professionals aren’t swept away by the idea of being cooped up in a hotel room, which is what it can often feel like on the occasion that their company might have perhaps deployed them for some official company business, putting them up in one of those traditional chain hotel rooms.

It’s all about temporary comforts that merely feel permanent.

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