Who can stay in a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments are a great type of accommodation for those who are looking for a home from home. These are fully furnished apartments where all the utility bills, wifi and other expenses are included in the advertised rate so you have one simple and easy bill to pay.

Due to their convenience, serviced apartments have grown in popularity and are now used by a wide range of different people for a whole host of different reasons. So who are the most popular types of visitors?

Individuals and Groups

Serviced apartments come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with different facilities included. From cosy studio flats for one, up to 15 bedroom houses and beyond, the wide range of studio apartments available means that they can accommodate party sizes from individuals up to large groups and families.

Short and Long stays

A key benefit of serviced apartments is the flexibility when it comes to the length of stays. Serviced apartments are great for short stays of a couple days right up to much longer stays, many serviced apartments do not have maximum tenancy lengths so you are able to stay as long as you wish. Booking terms and conditions also mean that it can be easy to extend your stay if your needs change. Even if you are someone who is particular about cleanliness or hygiene, you can relax in a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments partner up with professional jacksonville commercial cleaning services (or others in the locality) to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your stay. So, irrespective of the length of your stay, you should be able to return to a clean and comfortable apartment after a long day outdoors.

Business and Leisure

Due to the flexibility of the tenancies at serviced apartments they are great for both business and leisure purposes. Whether you need accommodation for a few months in a new location for a project at work or are just visiting a new city on holiday for a few days, the fully furnished apartments mean that you can quickly and easily sort accommodation at short notice without having to look at rental agreements or hotels.


Serviced apartments are a favourite amongst individuals who are taking part in some travelling. Many serviced apartments are in prime and central locations within towns and cities making them ideal for tourist purposes. They are great for people travelling who want to stay longer in certain areas and can work out more budget friendly than hotels. Serviced apartments give a more homely feel to other accommodation options such as hostels, so are perfect for those who want home comforts but do not want to splash out on a long stay in a hotel.


When searching for longer term accommodation, some people have pets to worry about. Pet-friendly serviced apartments could be the ideal solution for those who do not want to leave their pets behind when they travel. However, if the serviced apartment doesn’t allow pets, then you may need to look into a Pet Boarding center as an alternative to keep them safe while you are away. Each serviced apartment will have its own terms and conditions so it is best to check with the owner or managing company before booking.


Finding student accommodation can be challenging but serviced apartments can be a good option for both local and international students. Opting for a serviced apartment over university halls can mean that you end up with more modern, spacious and private facilities which can result in a more comfortable experience. As discussed, serviced apartments are often available in prime locations so it is likely there are options near university campuses and city centres making it perfect for studies and also free time.

If you are thinking about booking a serviced apartment be sure to read the terms and conditions as rules and regulations may differ between different providers and owners.

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