Yoga Paddleboards: What They Are and You Should Try Them

You’ve probably heard of paddleboards by now. They’re booming in popularity as a great way to get on the water without spending a small fortune or needing tons of skill just to get started. What’s better is that the design has been modified to allow for a lot of different uses. You’re not stuck just floating around. You can race, go fishing, take on long-distance journeys, or even enjoy a little lunch in the middle of a coastal lagoon by yourself depending on what type of paddleboard you get.

However, did you know you can also do yoga on them? There are paddleboards specifically designed for stability that give you plenty of room to master your yoga poses and find your center; all while peacefully floating on the water’s surface.

So, if you’re a yoga student or even a seasoned master of the art, you have got to check one of these out.

Let’s go over what they are and what’s so special about them.

What is a Yoga Paddleboard?

Yoga paddle boards are just normal paddleboards to the untrained eye. You might notice that they’re a little bigger, but they don’t have any immediately noticeable design differences. However, they are drastically different.

Yoga paddleboards are built to be incredibly stable on the water. So, they tend to be some of the widest and longest boards available. However, they’re also designed with yoga in mind. So, the surface typically features a more comfortable form of grip to allow you to not only “stick” to the board without unnecessary slip risks but to do so without feeling constant joint pain after long yoga sessions.

While this design isn’t good for high-speed traveling, and it doesn’t have the frills necessary for serious fishing, it essentially gives you a floating yoga mat that isn’t relegated to the floor of a studio or your living room.

Why Try a Yoga Paddleboard?

If you’re experienced with yoga, you know what it feels like to reach that point of calmness and isolation where you just sort of melt into the background and feel truly at peace. Except, that can be difficult to do when you’re in your living room and the kids come running through the house after a hard day of playing outside. Even in a professional studio, beginners and intermediate yoga students can feel uncomfortable with so many people around.

When you get a yoga paddleboard, you might not really be able to go out on the water every day, but the chances you do get will be a completely different experience. You can take your paddleboard out to a calm lake, paddle your way to an isolated cove that sets the mood, and enjoy true peace without worry.

Of course, certain safety risks are present. Especially if you’re a beginner. So, always make sure to let someone know where you’re going when you expect to be back, and what to look for if they need to come looking for you. Also, consider a life vest, and always keep your tether on until you’re extremely comfortable.

Finally, make sure to spend a bit of time choosing the right paddle board for you before committing to a purchase. Consider your height, weight, skill level, and how often you’ll be likely to go paddleboarding.

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