Finding the Right Exercise Program for Your Body Type

In today’s Healthy Life, our fitness expert Leigh Ann went out to Twentynine Palms, visited with an Oasis Fitness Personal Training team, and tested their exercises.

Turning 40 in the 7th grade, I suffered through exercise-induced asthma for many years. While exercise wasn’t the cause, it certainly didn’t help.

But I’ve learned to love fitness and I find it works wonders for reducing stress.

Did you know that exercise benefits your health at any age? Or that working out regularly may even help you live longer?

From my experience, there are four distinct body types:

HEARTBEAT: A strong heartbeat (160 beats per minute) can trigger a stress response. The heart releases a hormone called epinephrine and the diaphragm contracts to fill the lungs with air.

On the other hand, an abnormally low heartbeat, even if it’s irregular, may be normal, and no cause for concern.

WIDTH: Healthy people usually have a good amount of body fat, and less of a narrow chest (when your bra doesn’t fit, get it fitted!) or narrow shoulders. You can tell if someone has a chest or shoulders problem by how their clothes hang on them.

YOUTH: People with youth-specific characteristics have narrow shoulders and a narrow waist, especially if they’re older. If they don’t have a wide chest, this is another clue that you should discuss health issues with a doctor.

DELTA: This is a combination of width and height. People with higher levels of body fat and lower levels of lean muscle mass are typically in this category.

BEYOND: This is where things can get interesting. People with very wide shoulders have a larger chest, and are usually young. They have a narrow waist, and a longer, more proportionate torso.

I’ve mentioned in previous columns, you can find much more detail about each body type in

But let me tell you how you can increase your chances of finding the right program.

Try to find a group fitness class that suits your level of fitness. A one-on-one personal training session might be more appropriate for people with very limited physical abilities, like an injury. If you want to track your progress with your fitness journey, you may want to look at using a FitBit when you workout or just for your daily activities, there are plenty of types to choose from, plus if you’re looking for straps for the Fitbit Charge 3, for example, then websites like have a range that you can browse.

Some of the most popular gym chains like Planet Fitness and Redbody take this concept a step further. They offer in-house personal training sessions for a modest cost. This way, you can get the expertise of one of their certified trainers. They can provide their own exercise equipment, which is always nice.

Your trainers will be able to modify your workout, and give you tips and guidance for improving your health.

For those who aren’t keen on getting a gym membership, there are plenty of resources such as Urbansportsclub and more that can guide you through a functional training routine right at home. All you need for it is a mat, a roller, some basic weights, and the determination to exercise every day.

If you’re a newcomer to working out, and you want to start today, go to Twentynine Palms. At Oasis Fitness, you’ll find an awesome workout where you can meet a few new friends, get a good workout and feel great!

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