Should I choose catered apartments as my accommodation for studying in Bristol?

When you are at university despite not yet being in the working world, there are still plenty of stressful experiences to be had, one of which is finding the right accommodation for the upcoming year.

Finding the people you want to share a flat with can be a daunting experience especially if you have only just got to know them, plus the added pressure of having to fend for you can have a serious impact on your studies. One option that may be available is serviced accommodation. Keep reading to discover if you should opt for serviced apartments over self-catered halls when studying at university.


Catered apartments take away some of the stresses of day to day life

Life can sometimes throw up unexpected issues for you to deal with and if you are a student this can have a serious impact on your final grade. If you choose to stay in catered apartments you should have access to healthy cooked meals and cleaning facilities. This can help to alleviate some of the stress you may experience if your work is getting on top of you.


You have more time to socialize with friends

If you do not have to spend time cooking a lot of meals you can have more time to socialize with friends. This has been shown to have positive impacts on student performance. Many who stay in serviced apartments also spend time eating together in designated ‘cafeteria’, this can also give you more time to socialise.


Flexible dining and cleaning options can suit your lifestyle

Another benefit of staying in serviced apartments during your time at university is also the added flexibility you have in choosing the timings of dinner and cleaning. Many student eateries now offer extended lunch and dinner periods in addition to takeaway options. This helps you structure the day around your studies and any unforeseen events that may come up.



Catered apartments can help you save money on food

Despite the view that catered apartments are often the more expensive option, research suggests that students who take advantage of all the meals and extra services that the accommodation offers often end up saving money in the long run. The time saving of not having to prepare the food can also be turned into valuable study and social time


Evaluate the catered apartment providers to find the best one

Getting the choice right for your catered apartment is important if you are looking to get settled before the start of the semester. You will find that many different cities have numerous catered accommodation providers who will each have their pros and cons. Make sure you have a look at all of the different options to find the one that best suits you.

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