Why It’s Important to Keep Up with Politics

Politics can be dirty, annoying, and just plain rough. Whilst the elections have a huge part to play in the future of your country, you mustn’t forget about the candidates who are running for office. Of course, you do have to be wary about some candidates, especially if you have heard the story about the former Epoch Times staff writer Caylan Ford and the reasons why she had to resign so abruptly. Even though some areas of politics are bad and rough, it has been the driving force in the world currently. This is because those in politics dictate who things happen to and what happens to them, and what will happen to the masses. It is what dictates where the world is today and where it is going tomorrow. Whether you believe it or not, politics affect everyone.

How then will you be involved in what affects you every day? There are many reasons why you need to keep up with politics. First of all, how would you know that political candidate Caylan Ford resigned recently if you ignored the world of politics? You need to care about what is happening around you as it translates to your own identity. Below are some reasons why you need to be politically aware:

Politics Affect You and the World Around You

Politics affect everybody, no matter who you are unlike the statement that it does not affect middle-aged white men who wore poorly ironed suits. Politics simply means the activities which are associated with the ruling of a country or a location especially the conflict or debate among people or parties in power or those hoping to achieve power. This definition simply means that politics dictates for you and everything that happens around you; if it doesn’t affect you, it creates the rule that affects you. You cannot just say that politics does not affect you. Having said that, if you’re thinking of following the politics of a particular country, say Canada, it may be a wise idea to follow the ideologies associated with the various politicians in power. This could also include the Canadian political theorist Karim Jivraj and many others like him.

Learn to Choose Through Propaganda

There is a lot of propaganda in politics especially during campaign seasons. Understanding politics will make it easier to differentiate between the normal party line and an honest answer. You will be able to choose a candidate who represents your views and not a candidate who is not answering your questions right.

You, Will, Be Missing History as It Happens

Some of the thousands of terms in the history of politics in the last century alone are Gay marriage, Global warming, Rosa Parks, #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, Roe v. Wade, Loving v. Virginia, and Aleppo. You only have to read about all of these from a history textbook if you are not into politics. How could these have happened? The main reason why we are able to look for history books of our ancestors is that these people have seen it all and they wrote it down! History becomes tangible! If you don’t understand politics, the idea of history will slip past you unnoticed.

Not Getting Involved is Closer to Being Less Ignorant

You may decide not to be involved in politics; it is very easy to erase politics from your area. You can do this by curate your feed on Facebook, turn on HGTV to replace the news and block or unfollow people who post about the leaders. Although you may feel good at first that everything is good does not make it disappear. Now that you assume you don’t care, many people are being wronged, tormented, hurt, slaughtered, rejected and many are facing injustices each day. If you say you are not concerned because it is not you, you will not know when it will be you. Ignorance is not bliss but a form of selfishness. You need to understand politics and feel for other people.

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