Incorporating Volunteer Work into Your Busy Schedule

You know it feels good to help someone in need. Volunteerism does not only help to improve the world, but it also adds meaning to life and gives the volunteer or helper a sense of purpose. Volunteerism also helps to give a helper instant happiness and self-esteem. Unfortunately, most rich people find it hard to volunteer because of their busy schedule, and they can’t squeeze another appointment in such schedule. Most of them are also annoyed with the time volunteer training sessions might waste again.

However, there is a way you can incorporate volunteer work into your schedule no matter how busy you are; the internet! The internet is a great way to make this easy for you as you can volunteer without getting up from your desk or leaving your house. Here are some ways you can incorporate volunteerism into your busy schedule:

Become a virtual mentor 

You can mentor teens and kids through the internet in an hour or less per week. This will not waste your time, and you will help young people learn study skills, set goals, deal with school and home issues, and plan a happy future for themselves. Teach kids and let them know that they can do anything. Encourage children to be successful through Achievement Advocate in school or use Vmentor to encourage foster children.

Send cards to sick kids 

You can put a smile on the face of sick children with just a paper and a stamp on it. These kids will just know that somebody somewhere remembers them. Just like Hugs and Hope, email addresses and postal addresses provides volunteers with brief memories of sick children. Many sick kids have terminal diseases and reading a note from a volunteer could brighten their day from a hospital bed.

Use assistance or a charity shopping portal

If you are the type that buys stuff online, you can enroll in an online charity shopping portal package where you will donate a known percentage of your purchases to your preferred charity. You will not pay an extra fee anyway, and this won’t waste your time since you will be doing it when you are free.

Stop a human rights violation by sending an email 

Amnesty International’s Online Action Center send their team members every week. To be part of this, you just have to include your name in a pre-written email message stating that the state senators and other officials should take urgent action on a human rights issue. You can do this within a few minutes and let your voice make a wide difference in the world.

Inspire a foster kid in college 

Surviving in the college is not always easy for most of the students. It is especially difficult for orphaned students who have no family to offer support and set an example. You can help revitalize the day of a lonely student through Orphans of America program. Send a book of stamps, a gift card or a card with an inspiring message.

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