Tips and Tricks For Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is a sub-genre of fine art photography, which mainly aims to take portraits of individuals in real-life situations, candid moments or milestones in an artistic way and the very art of the everyday living. The main aim is to tell interesting stories about individuals’ lives or to encourage people at different points in their lives. With the increasing demand for lifestyle and portrait photography, many photographers have also chosen this field and come up with impressive techniques and impressive portfolio of images which depict unique personalities of individuals who live their lives in a very unconventional ways. Such photographs are known as lifestyle photography and are quite popular in the world over.

The concept of this sub-genre of fine art photography is not new. Indeed, photographers have been using the technique since the early ages of photography. The very first attempts of taking photos of everyday locations such as nieces, nephews, friends and colleagues focused on capturing rather than displaying the subjects’ personalities. In those times, camera lenses were quite crude and digital cameras too were comparatively expensive. As a result, most of the photographs were taken on-the-spot, with the models just standing in one place or in front of the camera, without much planning or forethought behind it.

With time however, camera technology advanced and photographers could capture their subjects in so many amazing and realistic ways that the results started to change the focus from just portraying portraits to telling amazing stories. Nowadays, one can see some amazing portraits by people like the best boston portrait photographer out there done using a combination of stills, photographs and videos. Today’s cameras have advanced digital features, which are capable of capturing all the important moments of a photoshoot. A professional photographer knows how to use these tools effectively. That’s why before the photoshoot he/she plans ahead by making a research on the subject/ subjects he/she wants to photograph.

For example, if you are going to shoot your niece playing with a ballerina, you should not just aim to take a still and get the image. You will need to have a few moments in which the ballerina is dancing, looking at the audience or doing her poses. All these should be captured with your camera, but you should shoot all these moments with your camera on its lowest shutter speed. This way, you will have lots of extra images to choose from during your lifestyle photography shoot, and you will be able to make a nice combination of all these images to come up with that perfect picture that you want to display on your website or in your magazine cover. Moreover, you will need to have your shutter speed slow enough so that your niece will be able to look at the camera for a few seconds after her ballerina performance, without losing all the beautiful moments that you had captured.

A good lighting setup is also important when you are going to shoot your subjects in a lifestyle photography shoot. There are several ways in which you can achieve a good lighting setup. For example, you can place a table facing a window so that your subject is lit from above, and you can position the table on the side so that your subject is lit from below. There are other more sophisticated lighting arrangements, but these two are the most common ones. By having a good setup, you will be able to capture your subject’s mood, emotions, and aura in the photos that you are taking. Later, you can use good photo upscaling software similar to Gigapizel AI (check for more info) to improve detail and resolution.

There are also many other tips and tricks that professional photographers use in their own lifestyle photography shoots. One of these is having the right props. Props can either make or break your photographs, just as lighting can. In some cases, lighting can also double as props, such as fairly lights or other options from the Neon Mama store. The props you need will depend on the kind of lifestyle you are trying to capture. A neat and refined person would be well-matched with flowers, vases, a classic book, ect. A picture of a more trendy modern life would do well with lights, drinks, fashion accessories, a pet, inspirational wall art, and so on. If you are looking to get some portraits during your shoot, then you should try and invest in some good props. By doing so, it will not only create interest among your subject, it will also capture their attention in the photos.

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