How to Eco-Dispose of a Jute Bag

Many companies are inclining to sustainable practices and are using eco-friendly jute bags to make shopping bags. Jute is preferred as a non-biodegradable packaging solution that features an appealing fabric.

Many businesses are going for jute bags to reduce their carbon footprint and the fact that they provide an eco-friendly branding product. Due to their appeal, customers also love jute shopping bags as they are flexible and can be used in different events away from shopping.

Due to the hype about getting reusable and versatile jute bags when shopping, we often find ourselves with a pile of bags, and we are left wondering what to do with them and how to dispose of them in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

The good news is jute bag disposal is a breeze thanks to its biodegradable nature. If you have more jute bags than you need in your home, here are ways to dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner. 

1. Compost It

Jute is entirely bio-degradable and can be used as compost for your farm or garden. You can also use it as the bedding material in place of straws and sawdust; create a compost pile and cover it with the jute bags.   

Since it is a natural fiber, it will decompose in one to two years. You get to dispose of your bags in an eco-friendly manner and create organic manure for your garden through composting.

2. Reuse Them Around Your Home

Your jute bags don’t need to lay idle in your home when they can be used for multiple projects. 

The fabric is resilient, and the bags can handle stringent use, such as carrying clothes and personal items when traveling. The jute bags can also store and organize different things in your home, starting from the kitchen to your bedroom. 

3. Convert the Bags into Planters

Jute is breathable and resilient and can be a great companion for injecting some green into your compound. Jute is the best companion whether you want to plant flowers or vegetables. Succulents blend well with jute planters.  

Jute planters also look natural and add texture to your space. They are also better alternatives to plastic planters, especially amid the movement to phase out plastic use. The jute planters will also last a decent amount of time.

4. Take Them to a Recycling Center

Many recycling businesses would be happy to accept recyclable products. If you have made crafts and composted and reused your home’s jute bags, but the pile is still there, consider taking them to a recycle bin. 

A recycling center is a reasonable option; all you have to do is empty the bags and deliver them to the nearest recycling bin.

Jute bags are biodegradable, and disposing of them is very easy. You could reuse them for storage, compost them, or convert them into planters. There are many crafts you could use them for at home. 

Alternatively, you can take them to recycling plants.

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