Are Temporary Apartments in Central London Worth it?

If you’re looking to stay in London for a good amount of time, let’s say six months, for business or anything else, you’re probably having a bit of trouble finding the perfect accommodation for your stay.

After all, hotels won’t let you stay for such a long period of time, and signing a year-long lease on an apartment is not a good idea.

Many people in your predicament opt to book a temporary apartment in central London. What are those? Well, they’re luxury apartments that work on a hotel-like business model. You book your stay, pay either per night or on a flat-rate deal if you can get one, and there are no leases to worry about. You stay for the duration of your booking, and when you need to leave, you can. If you need more time, you can extend your stay.

Are these temporary apartments in central London worth it, though?

Let’s look at that.

1: Pricing

You’re looking at roughly 180 to 240 Euros per night if you pay on a nightly basis. Yes, that seems high if you’re going to stay for months, but keep in mind that you can get lower rates most of the time for long-term stays. Also, keep in mind that there is no down payment, lease, utilities, or consequences for leaving early. It’s like a hotel. So, everything is included, and you’re not stuck in a contract.

In the end, this can actually save you money if you’re not trying to stay for a long time. Especially seeing a lease can contractually leave you with 3,500-Euro payments each month for two years even if you’re only staying a few months.

2: Space

Sure, you can technically stay in the area for less if you find a hotel willing to let you stay for that long of a period, but do you want to spend that much time cramped in a hotel room? Especially if you have kids or a partner who will be breathing down your neck and fighting you for space to move? Probably not.

Temporary apartments in central London are full apartments. You don’t have to worry about sleeping in the living room as you’ll have a private bedroom or two, you won’t have to struggle to take a shower in a tiny bathroom, and you’ll get a whole kitchen to prepare your meals in. Not to mention, the full living room complete with furnishings is perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

3: Perks of a Hotel

Finally, it’s not exactly like renting an apartment. You also get the perks of a hotel. After all, these are serviced accommodations. If you opt for room cleaning services, you can receive those. The apartments are fully secured with trained staff, there is ample parking available for guests, and you can even get some delivery services if need be.

It’s a lot like getting the best of both worlds for just a little more than a comparable hotel’s rates.

Are They Worth it?

So, are temporary apartments in central London worth it? Of course, they are. You get the perks of a hotel with the functionality of an apartment. Of course, if you want to live in London permanently, you should still seek a full apartment rental, but for temporary stays regardless of length, these are perfect.

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