How to Feed a Family on a Budget

Feeding of a family is not easy especially when you are on a tight budget. However, no matter your income, there is a way you can tighten your belt when it comes to feeding your family. According to research, it is said that one-third of all the food made gets wasted or lost in the consumption and the production systems. Taking care of this loss can help save money for the family to feed again and to build new standards for health, nutrition, and family time.

To get started, always prepare a list of what to buy and do not buy what is not on the list. You can even leave behind anyone in the family who can’t follow this rule.

Set a budget

Do not take your cards to the shopping mall; only cash! If you have calculated the amount you will spend, take exactly that amount from home. Grocery stores have ways of tempting you to add extra few things to your cart; this will only increase their profit and reduce your account! However, having only cash on you will prevent you from getting tempted and spending more than your budget.

Plan with your family ahead

Think with your family to see how much you can spend when you have removed what is available at home. Do not use your tight budget to affect your family. Instead, consider what sounds appealing to them and strike a balance between these two (your budget and their needs). When you start to change your shopping habits, you need to compromise.

Cut/Print coupons

Check online for free grocery coupon websites online for places like Sam’s Club and newspapers for printable coupons. Most stores will offer in-store coupons; you can find these coupons at the back of your receipt or in the aisles. You can also signup for frequent shopper cards or store mailings for easy access to different deals they are offering. Take advantage of printable coupons from manufacturing outlets to social media outlets. You can also make use of your smartphone for mobile coupons and check out online coupon codes which are easier to get than clipping coupons.

Shop less and save more

Your shopping schedule must not be too frequent; you can plan for an elaborate shopping day per week. With this, you will have time to check your inventory, make lists, and collect your coupons. Remember that places like Walmart tend to release Walmart Weekly Flyers that have all the offers listed. You can make the best use of such offers by shopping weekly. Also, being mindful of the future when shopping will help you save money, energy, gas, and time because you will not be able to buy that extra thing.

Shop around

Not all stores are selling at the same price. Visit different stores for different goods; some may have better prices on milk, cheeses, and eggs while others have reduced prices on their bulk section. Other stores may have better prices on fruit and vegetable. Research by visiting multiple stores; you can also ask friends. When doing this, be mindful of their distance as this may add to your budget too. For commodities like fuel or cooking gas, find suppliers (such as that tend to provide the quantity that you may need at a reasonable price. The same goes for getting an internet connection for your home, or whatever else you require.

There are many other ways you can feed your family on a budget. Some of which include buying what is in season, avoiding pre-packaged and processed foods, cooking meals with your family and cutting out unneeded extras.

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