How to Drop Toxic Friends Politely

We all have friends, and we treat our friendships differently from the way we treat our romantic relationships. Friendship means an unbreakable commitment to some people, but it’s not. This is because friendship, just like any other relationship, can end. People grow, change or become distant and mean. And you can end a friendship if it does not serve you again just like anything else.

If you like to end a relationship with friends, those friends must be “Toxic Friends”; Toxic Friends are those friends that are affecting you and making you feel bad. Such friends are usually emotionally demanding, selfish and in constant competition with you. They do talk behind your back and are always in the mood of putting down your face, and you may not want such friends again in your life.

You can always drop a toxic friend because there is no obligation to be in friendship with someone. If you are finding it hard to drop a toxic friend, here are some ways you can drop toxic friends politely and for good:

Be honest

Always be honest with your friend and with yourself. Never phase someone out. If you phase a friend out, you may turn out to be as toxic as they are except for casual acquaintances, friends, and party pals who will only be expecting you on a Friday night at the bar. You only have to communicate your desire to a friend you see always to drop them. They may be hurt if you drop them suddenly.

Don’t re-engage

If a toxic friend you’re trying to distance yourself from tries to reconnect and create a scene, don’t engage with them. Ignore what they say behind your back and politely decline any interactions. Stick to your boundaries. Block them on social media, end email exchanges, and, over time, you’ll separate from them. This process can be emotionally draining and a source of anxiety, especially if they play the victim and make you feel bad. In such cases, you mind find it helpful to seek support from loved ones or a professional who offers cognitive-behavioral anxiety counseling or a similar alternative to break free from this harmful cycle. Remember, with help, you can escape a friendship that’s dragging you down.

Put yourself first

In a relationship with a toxic friend, there are chances that you are always putting the needs of your friend first while sacrificing your own needs and happiness. Always try to put yourself first when you are trying to drop a toxic friend. Think and get what YOU need to make YOU happy for a long time without thinking about a friend or the guilt of dropping a toxic friend. If you keep them it could cause you even more stress that affects your day-to-day life, so dropping them is the right way to go. The process can be a messy and stressful one so you’ll need to take into account things that can support your mental health. This could be done by speaking to a therapist, trying out CBD products from websites such as, or practicing a mindfulness regime that puts you first. Once you put yourself first, you will drop a toxic friend politely and with much less stress than if you stuck with bad habits.

Don’t be sentimental

No matter how toxic a friendship is; it will have its good moments. When you think about how you started with such a friend (the fun times and the laughter), you may want to continue the relationship; instead, do not romanticize your past no matter how tempting it might be. You can always find a way to drop them off if you have had a good time together in the past. Don’t be sentimental about friends who do not deserve it. Move closer to those friends who enrich your life and forget about those meaningless ones.

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