What is the Best Paddle Board at the Entry Level

While there are a ton of high-quality paddle boards on the market, the vast majority of them are highly specialized or made with such attention to detail that they’re financially inaccessible.

This creates some problems for beginners looking to get into the sport. After all, no one wants to invest a month’s pay into a hobby they don’t know they’ll enjoy. Also, using highly specialized sups, or sups with slick surfaces, can make learning the basics a chore. Then, you have to worry about being able to transport the solid options on the market. There’s a lot that makes buying any old sup at random a difficult choice for beginners.

Luckily, there are some beginner-friendly paddle boards on the market that provide an accessible entryway to the sport without skimping on quality. Let’s go over our top pick.


We highly recommend the ALL-AROUND TEN SUP to most beginners. However, the BOLT Junior is more suitable for children and younger teens. Luckily, the benefits for both are practically the same. So, pick the model that matches your size and age group.


  • Price: 279 Euros
  • Length: 10.4 feet
  • Inflatable
  • All-around design useful for most sup activities
  • Highly stable design without sacrificing too much speed and maneuverability

1: Price

At 279 Euros, the ALL-AROUND TEN is an affordable option most people can save for throughout a few pay periods. It’s not a massive financial commitment. So, beginners won’t feel too bummed if their paddle board sits in the garage after one or two uses.

2: Portability

As an inflatable sup, the ALL-AROUND TEN can be deflated, rolled up, placed into the trunk of your car or a carrying bag, and transported in nearly any vehicle. This allows beginners to transport their sup without strapping things to their car or dealing with any hassles.

3: Stability and Grip

When beginners start, developing a solid sense of balance can be difficult. That’s even harder when their sup is slippier or bounced with every tiny wave. The ALL-AROUND TEN is highly stable, and the synthetic material used in its construction provides superior grip compared to epoxy or bamboo models.

4: Durability

Despite being an inflatable, the ALL-AROUND TEN can take a beating. It’s made of the highest quality synthetic materials, and it’s resistant to punctures, tears, and other forms of damage that made older inflatables hit or miss. This helps protect both the rider and the rider’s investment against the common mistakes and accidents all beginners have to deal with.

5: Flexibility

As an all-around design, the ALL-AROUND TEN can accomplish the same feats as most specialized paddle boards. This allows beginners to try different sup activities without having to invest in multiple boards or sacrifice performance by using an inappropriate paddle board.

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