What is a Jute Bag and Why Do You Need One?

The fashion world is always evolving. One-year, massive leather totes are trending. The next, everyone wants some tacky thing with rhinestones all over it. A lot of people try to stay on top of the trend to fit in, but real trend-setters want to go for something out of left field that looks great, functions better, and makes passersby turn their heads for a better look.

If the latter sounds like you, you need a jute bag.

What is a jute bag? Why is it a good choice right now? Well, keep reading and find out.

What is a Jute Bag?

A jute bag is a bag made from jute fibers. You’ve probably seen jute sold as twine in a hardware store, but the thin, straggly, fibrous string isn’t all it has to be. When those fibers are twisted into thicker, more durable strands, dyed, and woven with expert craftmanship, they can create some of the neatest bags you’ve ever seen.

People have been making bags from jute around the world for hundreds of years, but they’re just now becoming fashion statements.

Here are some of the reasons that are.


Natural Vibes:

Everyone wants to be eco-friendly these days, and a big way of showing that is to step away from the mass-produced, synthetic, or destructively sourced, materials the fashion industry has been using for generations.

Jute is 100% natural, and it has the look of a natural product; even if machines are used to craft it. This makes jute accessories perfect compliments to the more Earth-tone colors and fabrics that many eco-friendly people are adopting in their wardrobe.


Jute is not expensive. A jute bag, even if it’s handmade by a skilled craftsman, will cost you far less than what you’d pay for the tacky designer bags people have been swooning over lately. So, not only can you set a trend and look great, but you won’t burn a hole in your wallet doing it.

Design Flexibility:

Jute might be a minimally processed plant fiber, but it can actually be adjusted visually quite a bit. Natural dyes are the predominant way this is done. With expert dye placement and skillful weaving patterns, jute bag craftsmen can create some stunning artistic designs; from simple patterns to full-blown artistic depictions.

Beyond just adding color to a jute bag, designers can also weave in a number of other items to make each bag unique.


Jute bags aren’t necessarily rare. They’re just not common pieces of western fashion. When’s the last time you saw someone carrying one? On the flip side, you’ve probably seen plenty of people wearing Gucci bags they couldn’t really afford.

By opting for jute bags, you not only save money, but you ensure you and your sense of style stand out in a crowd. At the end of the day, that’s a huge part of being into fashion; expressing yourself in a way that gets people’s attention.

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